About Us

At Palm Bay Painters, we know the importance of color. That is why we offer painting services to spruce up your property. From exterior paint jobs to interior paint projects, we can style your office, home, or any space to match your business and personal requirements.

Color can make all the difference. Redesigning your home or office does not have to be a DIY project or look like it was done by amateurs. Surface preparation can make or break your paint’s outcome, which only professional painters can execute well. Improper surface preparation when painting is the number one cause of premature coating failures. Call our experts and begin enjoying your newly painted home sooner than later. We pride ourselves on sticking with our mission and core values, which sets us apart from other painting contractors in Palm Bay. Our mission and values direct our actions in every task we finish, from minor house repainting projects to major office remodeling.

If you are ready to start painting, contact us now to plan your next project and get a no-cost estimate. Our staff will offer you an actual price estimate for your requirements. Whether it is an interior job or exterior job, our estimates and consultation are free! As a local painting contractor, our mission is straightforward: Always do the best thing and get it done the proper way.

We never compromise the excellence of our design by cutting corners. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best craftsmanship in the industry, paired with unparalleled customer support, integrity, and dependability.